Sunday, January 18, 2015

The original OG triple triple OG

So my character Schmendrick as has had a long road of creation.  First he was Aldred the Fellblade.  Then Aldred the Fellcleaver, till I have finally settled on Schmendrick. First he was an Imperial Cavalry general, then he fell on hard times, and turned to banditry and other roguish behavior.  Now he seems to be on the upswing with a small band of followers.  He now clears dungeons throughout the Oldworld.

 The picture the started it all.  From White Dwarf 125 

This was the original figure that started it all.  I was going to make an empire cavalry general.  I wanted a terminator on a horse.  Here turned out perfect on his mighty steed Kringer.
This figure now sits on my admiring shelf.  I leave the real fighting to my footslogging Schmendricks.  From the Left:  The 2nd Schmendrick, the new chaos Schmendrick, and of course my Rogue Trader/Space Hulk Schmendrick.


  1. Terminator on a horse is the greatest thing ever.

  2. It's so metal! I think next I should do and Ambull on a horse next!

  3. That's cool - I have an 'Eternal Champion" as well named Marko Steelknife who has been everything from a D&D character to a Space Marine Commander. Other iterations include Marcus Steele and Mark the Knife...

  4. Clarence that's awesome. Sounds like we need to get Marko and Schmendrick together out BOYL, and see what kind of damage they can do!

  5. Love this, I take a similair approach; in a characters first game he receives just his name and title such as verminlord Xerxes (15th level skaven hero). If he does well and survives he earns a monicker; Xerxes orc-slayer. If he survives 3 games he gets magiced up a bit and gains a level. Adds a little narration to regular games and is a lot of fun.
    I'm rambling, sorry.

  6. No 24 I love hearing stuff like that! Do ramble on. ;) I did Schmendrick quite similar. You just get certain characters that really grow on you. Now not only do I have to win.....but keep him alive.

  7. I've never had a recurring hero for my games - sometimes a villain for plot reasons.
    I must enjoy the sad demise of a once mighty hero and the subsequent rise to power of the new blood =)

    Long live Schmendrick!