Friday, April 13, 2018

Making my own Steppenwolf Chariot

G'day M8's for awhile now I had been wanting to recreate the Steppenwolf chariot.  I finally got in gear and got it knocked out.  Enjoy

First I had to cut up Grom's chariot and make it big enough to handle
2x 25mm square bases.

As you can see I used plasticard and balsa wood to frame it up. 
If I did this again I would greenstuff the wood floor as you can see.

No Snarf you pull the chariot.  SMH LOL

If you notice I changed my champions out.  I felt Thomohawk fit better, and my Steppenwolf fit the feral dwarfs better with his wolf skin.
At first my idea was to have hobhounds pull the chariot. 
That was a bad idea.  Way to small.
Then I decided why not just build a couple more snarffed out manticores, no one really likes that model so they are lying around everywhere.
We need moawr Green FLOCK STAT!!!!!

 Thanks Mossman now I can finish the model. 

Bloody rippa!
Starting to look like a bonecrunching unit.
I went with a bit of a Battle Cat scheme....I'm thinking of calling these battle hyenas. 

Unless someone has a better idea. Let me know in the comments.
Also with using the manticores as my mounts the chariot was angled drastically.  I need to get it even.  Then I remembered Garth had made is chariot jumping, so I followed his idea for mine.
Just a couple of pins drilled into the base, and a little bend of the yoke and we are good.

Here we are ready for the table top!  

 Ready to run over the enemies of Black Vasken!!!!
Steppenwolf with his new command. 

Here we have the foot brigade of Black Vasken with Thomohawk and Pocahontas 2000 leading it.

Cya drongo's next time. ;)


  1. A cracking piece of kit, good to see you're putting the young lady to good use and are your practicing for checking nappies?
    If so, congratulations, if not it'll stand you in good stead.

  2. So crazy that it's completely awesome!

  3. That chariot looks awesome! Not sure what to call the pups though...

    1. Thanks. No worries battle hyena is growing on me

  4. Awesome ride dude :D. Definitely not a mid life crisis red sports chariot, nope.

  5. When i started reading the post, i thought, "nice model". Then i got to the jumping chariot part and holy crap , that went to TEN right there. How freakin cool

  6. That turned out super awesome, I can't wait to play some 3rd ed again. Come to think of it I don't think you and I have ever played 3rd Ed with each other. That is a crime against humanity.

  7. Gawd damnit mate. Every time I come by here it's something else that looks fething sweet.

    Not sure that axle will suffer that jump all that well, but bugger it, those Manticores look big enough to drag it afterwards!

    1. Wait, not Manticores, Battle Hyenas.

      Wait, Not Battle Hyenas, Battle... Badgers!

      Call em Kodo and Podo after the ferrets in Beast Master. :P

    2. LMAO Kodo and Podo that's a thought. ;) Ya if that thing loses a wheele, I think they will still be fine. Point Hyenas in direction of enemy.

  8. what mini is Pocahontas 2000

    1. Old Grenadier can still get them through EM4 miniatures.

  9. Brilliant. That Steppenwolf article has always been very memorable to me for some reason, and I have always had vague plans myself to recreate my own versions of some his ideas....