Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Vasken gets pwned for Black Friday! #YOLO

So with a short window to play today (the wife at work, and the pun'kin down for nap), we descended to the basement for a quick game of Oldhammer! Today I tried a horde of weak did not pan out.  I will be lowering the number and beefing them up a bit for tomorrow's game.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving here's some LOTR

Some new additions to my LOTR group.  Here we have the brothers Lighthoof and Longstride. They bring some much needed height and speed to the warband.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Battle among the graves.

This weekend was my veterans day/birthday wargaming extravaganza!  It is a time when I force my family to wargame with me.  =) Not all the players were familiar with 3E, so I came up with a simple idea to modify Heroquest stats and dice.

Each warband had 12 members they're stats where up to the players.  Each warband got to have 20 hitpoints, 20 attacks, and 20 defense to be divided between them.  This gave quite a bit of flexibility, and also a sense of tension as we did not know the stats of our opposing players.

Player initiative was card based per turn, and combat was with the Heroquest dice with all figures defending with white shields.  Simply put all hits occurred on 4,5,6.  All saves could be defended with 5,6.  All in all it was quite fun, and seemed to be the favorite game of the day, with us playing three total games of it.

Now on to the action!

Steppenwolf or How to create an Eternal Champion

A while back Warlord Paul broached the topic of having us all create a character in our own likeness on Google+.  I already had one Schmendrick......but.   If you all have WD #242 you might remember the article on the chaos Champion Steppenwolf.  If not please look it over at the end of the post.

Anyway the gist of the article was that a French GW Francois-Xavier Ngo had modeled an immortal champion who could fight across time and space.  He had a model or two for every game.  With that in mind and Warlord Paul bringing up the subject I set to work making my own Steppenwolf...his name is Schmendrick.

Now the keen follower will remember that Schmendrick is already the name of my Heroquest hero.  Well I needed him elsewhere as well.  So we now have three versions of the character for: Heroquest, Oldhammer chaos, Spacehulk/40K.

He isn't a spitting image of me (he has a bit more hair), but he does embody my persona on the wargame table bringing the pain with his fiery sword Fellmarg!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The painting table: Dwellers of the Dungeon

Sometimes in the depths of the dungeon there are things that will make your heroes run with fear......
other times it might just be three pigs.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Oldhammer U.S.A. loot

So Blue has given an excellent overview of the weekend as a whole.  I could only echo is commentary.  Let's just say I had a blast, and it was really good to visit and put face's with names.  So on to the loot.  Blake aka Kaaleb Hordes handed out the event mini Bolydirk, thanks Foundry and Kev Adams for this treasure that's him in the center.

As for the rest I scored these on the cheap, no citadel marauder oldhammer RoC propainted then dissolved with simple green oop  1000.00 by it now prices here!

So what did I get well.  I got Slambo up there in the middle, as well as the two chaos warriors on each of his flanks.  I also scored the chaos knight torso with pigtails, to add some more estrogen to my chaos forces.  Lastly I snagged the  Terminator captain on a whim, just because.....well because Don Sargent got me fired up to play Space Hulk!

On a side note, with an 11 hour drive on the way home it gave me sometime to think.  I got a crazy notion to remount my whole chaos army on 30x30mm bases or 30x60mm bases for the cavalry.  Several of my figures have swords sticking out at weird angles that 25mm bases make extremely tight to rank up sometimes. So just wanted to see what anyone thought about this idea before I started removing all my figures!