Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Have you seen two hobbits?: A LOTR Battle Report

This was the LOTR game we played over the weekend.  I got to use my Oldhammer Gimli and Bilbo in the role of Samwise GAMGEE YO! OG OG TRIPLE TRIPLE OG.

It was a fun, silly and enjoyable as all Oldhammer games should.  Enjoy my friends and bow to no one!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Heroquest Wrestlemania!!!

So got a game in on the new heroquest board...finally.  With a bit of help from JB Asslessman, and Bulldoglopez I give you my version of Oldhammer Wrestlemania.  Everyone seemed to really have a fun time, and it always helps when the dastardly fellow Black Vasken can win.  Boo Hiss, he rigged it!!! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Speed Painting Challenge: The gauntlet has been thrown

So everyone here speed painted a miniature in an hour! 



Tiny Basment 

and Steve Casey on the Facebook page.

I thought I would give it a try as well.

So I got my 80's synth music going on youtube.  Got my stopwatch ready and picked my figure.

Very exciting stuff!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Some Spell and Skill cards for my next game

 I worked these cards up for some spells and special skills in a game I am running this weekend. With a wrestle-mania theme.  Also my buddy needed some chaos spells he works in TV and Music so thought those top six seemed appropriate.  Check these out for the 80's attributes, and this for 80's scenarios.
Should have some lovely comic reports for you all next week...if work doesn't get to busy!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Brushworking Greenskins

I am painting up 20 Orc and 20 Goblin archers for a good buddy of mine as a commission.  Here are the first 13 I have got done.

I was hoping to go with a bone colored them on the clothes.  But it did not please my eye so I have switched to the reds and browns.  I really like how the ochre bows have turned out! I'm hoping to have 20 total done by next week.  I seem to be getting after these at a pretty good clip.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I was skimming through my White Dwarfs the other night and came upon this little gem.  I had never seen it before.  After reading it I am sure that I can put this to use for myself to Warhammer.  I might run a little campaign with forces ranging from 2000-500 points depending on the objective.

Hope you can garner some ideas/inspiration from reading it as well. Which will lead to more games, as we should all play more! ;)

Life has really been getting in the way, so with smaller points and quicker games with a greater focus on narratives.  I am hoping to get in more material to write up more sweet comic reports!

After reading this I checked out some more of Adrian Wood's White Dwarf articles.  Most are RT/40K which I really never had much interest in so didn't read them.  I missed out, there are some very cool little articles e put together.  I wonder where he is  these days? You don't hear him mentioned much in the Oldhammer scene.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Mad Mort's Murderous Marauders get a points crunch...Ouch!

Here is Mad Morts warband has recently gone through some changes.  As things now sit  Mad Mort and Wallow lead a rabid band of halflings.  Slaggo the Slaanesh wizard leads the frightful beastmen.  Gen. Karnage the chaos dwarf leads a band of Bavmordian chaos warriors, and More-Slash the minotaur has beefed up to lvl 5!  Sorsha leads a band of mounted chaos thugs.  As things now sit they are around 1000 points.  So should be able to hold their own against the forces of Black Vasken.

Friday, March 13, 2015

The battle of IzandlWAAAAAAGHla!

After the last big post about the Vasken's foray's into the Little Troll Horn, and his unseemly demise at the hands of Squatting Troll, and Crazy Wolf.  Serial Eve thought it best to get a necromancer to keep reviving the force, I mean that is how Vasken came to be anyways, it only seemed natural.
Now we have heard some reports out of the dark continents to the south of an expedition being made into the heart of the dark-lands.  What follows is only a glimpse of some surviving footage of this mad foray!

My new miniatures cabinet

This thing is pretty sweet!  Now I just need to get my dreamhome built with my wargaming shed so I can have a room like this!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Morning Mailbag

The mail barons graced me with a bountiful bundle today!  First up is a box of Warhammer 2nd Edition.  I had this before but got rid of it a few years back when I needed some cash.  Regretting it lately I decided to score another.  This one is in a lot better shape.

I had never really looked it over either, just sat on the admiring shelf.  I am going to pour over this the next couple of nights and grab some ideas and inspiration. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Oldhammer Legacy

I forgot that I had never posted my Oldhammer Legacy figure on the blog.  So here is my submission.  A fine lil' ginger bard.  With some cute freckles. 
We now have an Space Pirate Legacy going on as well.  So here is my start for that project!  I have settled on this Copplestones Castings Future Wars figure.  Hopefully I can get cracking on him next week!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Where I convince myself that I need more Chaos Dwarf Cavalry from White Knight

So I have sat and tinkered with my army list yet again.  I think this time we have a winner, fingers crossed.  I have figured and refigured, and refigured to get my full army under 2000pts as per my thoughts on Stillmania

Yet I have also manged to raise the number in some of my units most notably my chaos dwarf contingents.  Vollrath's Vandals my chaos dwarf infantry will be raised to 24 figures.  With help from Clam and Delaney King of course and possibly a MM90 purchase here and there. ;)  I have also decided to raise my unit of dwarf cavalry up to 16!

Now we have gotten to the point of the post. For those of you who keep up on these things I did not believe that there were rules for dwarf cavalry anywhere, so I did some points crunching and playtesting an settled on a unit of 8 dwarfs at 150 points with M6 and +1 Save.  Brilliant I know...ugh not so much.  I was looking through 3E the other day and stumbled upon some interesting points that I had not been aware of please look below.  (Right click to embiggen the pic.)

Monday, March 2, 2015

A guide on Oldhammer Light Cavalry: Thundering Hooves

I know my chaos marauders aren't light cavalry, but this article lead to their inspiration.  I think of them more as heavy lancers.  It is an all around good article on tactics and rules for the Oldhammer general.  It is the "sound the charge" bit that got me thinking how to be more effective with them.  I'm all about adding the magic banner here and there.  Unfortunately for me in the heat of battle I always seem to forget a special rule here and there.  So I have really tried to make my army as fool proof as possible and just added more numbers to the unit, and slapped my general in with them!  Anyway enjoy the read. ;)