Thursday, January 15, 2015

Slow week in the office, means plenty of painting time!

So I have had a little bit of time to sit at the painting table this week.  The ranks of Black Vasken are swelling with new followers.

I have also entered the Oldhammer Legacy Warband 2014 on the forum.  Here is the bard I painted up.

We also have my red owl that i painted up for the 100 painting club on the forum.

As always Enjoy!

Gav:  Is a surprisingly frail troll.  However what he lacks in toughness he more then makes up for in raw violence.  He will wade into battle like a prince of murder.  He now fights along side the fabled Nigel.  When they are together they will reap a battlefield bloody.

Dogs: This pack of dogs makes for an explosive and thunderous cacophony when loosed on the enemy.  They can be used as a light anti personnel mortar.  It takes a crew of three to handle them.  One warrior spots for targets, one keeps the remaining dogs under control.  The last points the dog towards the target, slipping the muzzle and collar. 

In practice the dog is supposed to race towards the target, and when it makes its first bite will explode, maiming and killing the target.  However these dogs are not the most intelligent beings, and are easily distracted.  They have even been known to return to the battery unexploded, making for a tense few seconds.  

Metal Mane: Is an extremely hyper and violent warrior.   His energy comes from the many potions he creates, and drinks.  Never knowing what the next potion will do to him makes for an interesting battle companion.


  1. Nice work on the dogs. I like the spots.

  2. 'Gav and Nigel' - Perfect Troll names =)

  3. nicely done. i always loved the moronic sort of look to those old trolls :)