Sunday, January 18, 2015

Getting back into the "Wing" of things.

Not sure why but I have really been getting the itch to get my Deathwing Army on the table top.  I have never actually played Rogue Trader or anything 40k.  so it would be an entirley new venture.  The only reason I have this army is for Space Hulk and I got really inspired to paint them a few years back from site such as:
Vanus Temple- Where I got the display board and objectives.
From the Warp

Anyway I had them out and decided to take some new pics.  I had made some slight changes, there are some other little touch up i would like to do as well. Interesting not on the banner.  I actually cut it out of a white Dwarf, and painted over the page.  I felt it was a nice bit of nostalgia and maybe it will bring the banner a little luck on the dice rolling.  I will be bringing these to Oldhammer Allentown!  Possibly with some super secret additions.

Got my new Rogue Trader Schmendrick in the command squad.  I am currently adding in the 40K Worg from Hassle Free.  He is currently on the painting table.
I really liked how the chaplain turned out. 
I really need to get some names painted on these dreads.

You can tell I'm a fantasy player, hardly a ranged weapon in sight.  STABBY STABBY!  It's the only way to go.  Well at least I think so, possibly a bit Stillmaniacentric. ;)


  1. Love that chaplains hat! I hope you bring these guys to the next meet-up.

  2. What is this Oldhammer Allentown of which you speak???

    1. It's where BOYL USA 2015 is going to be in August! You coming?