Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Citadel Journal 34 Space Hulk Campaign

Everyone likes a fun campaign system why not try this for Space Hulk.

This version is for 2nd ed. However it could be easily hacked to whichever edition you are playing.


  1. Excellent!
    Simple, straightforward, and written by a kid who knew exactly what he wanted out of the game.

  2. Awesome. Yet thinking twice, the kid probably sent the rules and he studio polished the text (not rules themselves).

    Objectively suffers from the 'mareens r coool' vibe as IMHO it offers a lot for them: stealers seem to have just a couple of perks, 2 troops and the possibility of crippling marines after games at the cost of them having leveling up, and crippling the genestealer player: because yes, 'stealer player shouldn't care about troops dying, unless they are super elite (which with this house rules I doubt it can happen given the nature of the game).

    Anyways love it, I was like that at that time, just a bit older :)

    Great post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&!


    1. You are probably right. LOL Ya he does give the edge to the Termies, but It makes me want to make a full company roster and see who all survives a tour of duty.

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