Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New toys and some idea riffing

Got these in the mail today from Daniel Honoré Pryn over on the Oldhammer Trading Facebook page.  Can't wait to get some paint on them.  Looks like Black Vasken's crew is growing a bit.  At least Nigel will get a brother.  I also have a few other goodies on the way as well.  Can't wait!

Also I have been slowly reworking my Heroquest world backdrop.  I am wanting it to be more of a city based questing.  So I am nearly done fleshing out all my city fluff.  I also have several job/quest generators snatched up from across the internet.  So the heroes will be preforming odd jobs as well as dungeon clearing. 

 I have been thinking on the quest motivation inspiration as well.  I think I am going to hack the shit out of sword art online. (If you haven't seen it check it out on netflix)  That way Schmendrick and co. can move back and forth freely across heroquest, space hulk, warhammer ect.

I know it may be getting a little out there for some, but it's where I'm heading.

Been reworking a new heroquest board, again snatched from various places across the internet. All I did was cut and paste this together, then give it an image washout.  I just love that there are more talented people out there that do this cool stuff and give it out for free!  I just have to find the puzzle pieces and put it all together. 

I quite like how it has turned out.  Will be taking it to the printer hopefully next week.


  1. Count Metalmane with still the tip of his sword on ! That's something...

    Board is excellent.

  2. For sure. I thought that was quite a find.

    Thanks it still needs a bit of touching up, but I'm really pleased at the result. This time I am going to keep it around 4'x2'. The other board at 5'x3' is AWESOME, but it is way to big for my tiny T-rex arms!!!