Sunday, October 5, 2014

A quest for Stillmania: Full Tilt

Now in White Dwarf 215 we are granted a nice little one shot of a full game created by none other then Mr. Stillmania himself.  With complete rules, and card terrain.  This is the lead up to Nigel's next Stillmania series: Questing for the Grail.  A three part series showing the Stillmania doctrine for building his Bretonnian army. Which I will get to in due time.

Now for full tilt.  A jousting game made for Bretonnians, but can be used for whatever mounted force you can muster.

For us chaotic players it would be quite interesting to see what the effects of chaotic mutations would be to our knights stats.  These could be used instead of the virtues, or on top of them whatever floats your fancy.

Now ploys are what make this game!  Not knowing what your opponent is going to play creates that bit of tension that we some times lack in our turn based games.  Not planning the right moves could get you unhorsed in a hurry.

So there you have it.  Check back with us and boast your exploits on the tourney field!


  1. Held a tourney some years ago. This is about the best jousting game I've seen.