Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Great Cattle Raid!.....and your thoughts?

So I haven't been doing much lately as work, life, lack of inspiration...well you know. So the other night I woke up at 23:00 and just could not get back to sleep. So I came down stairs and turned the computer on and I had a thought. Let's roll up a RoC champ. Well not so much roll, but more tweak what I already had. I had planned for awhile to turn Schmendrick and a few other figures into a game able warband. So that night I got all my stats squared away. Then with the wife and daughter out of town this weekend, I decided to rebase the figures as they just did not look cohesive. So then I thought why not get a solo game in since no one was around. So for the pure enjoyment of the forum, all from a night of insomnia, and an inspiration to rebase figures! I give you......

So this was from a few months back.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I have been really torn as of late.  I love the groups new bases but.......I am having second thoughts.  I have really been wanting to include them in my growing chaos army.

So my question to you humble followers.  Should I rebase these guys back to square bases and put them in my chaos army?  Also should I tweak some of the paintjobs to be more in line with the chaos army as well.  I was thinking maybe Worg to a black and bone, also Wumple the mouse maybe black as well.  Then possibly change Schmendricks armor to a black and red scheme.

So what do you think?  Change them....or should I leave them alone and quit being a crazy ass? 


  1. I vote for rebasing to fit them in your chaos army but I recently finished rebasing 50 ungors from 25mm back to 20 mm to use in the current edition WFB. For the painting update you might just add some of the army wide colors as accents instead of repainting the figs.


  2. Do what you will with the bases, but please leave Wumple and Worg's paintjob's as is!

    I cried when Worg got stabbed :)