Sunday, September 14, 2014

Did I score a production copy of 3E.?


*Update:  So the photobucket fail hit this post, and I was reediting it today.  Then it hit me...duh Why didn't you ask anyone at BOYL while you were there.  Totally slipped my mind.  That quote on the 3rd page got me thinking again, and would like to get some concrete answers on this.  If anyone has any leads or ideas on the matter it would be much appreciated.  Is this a production copy or what?


  1. I reckon so. And comparing the handwriting (esp. the R, C and A), along with the general 'roundness' and uppercaseness of the letters to this sample, I'm going to say the notes were probably made by John Blanche.

    Would be odd for these kind of notes to be made on a fully bound edition rather than printers proofs (big sheets of paper), so I'd hazard a guess these were done in preparation for a reprint, possibly the softback.

    Nice item :-)

  2. There are definitely 2 versions of the the hardback print. This weekend Lee and I had a battle and compared our copies of warhammer. We noticed a difference in dragon flying profile. Mine had minimum flying speed and acc/dec of 6". His copy had 4"...