Monday, September 8, 2014

LOTR dwarfs/show us your blue beards

Here is my ME  Lotr Misty Mountain Patrol for my Rankin Bass project.   Brokk Gromson and his brother Brazz command the small Misty Mountain Patrol.  The stay out on the trails for weeks on end, patrolling for orcs and other foul beast that dwell in the dark.

Endlessly tracking their foes across the unforgiving landscape, the Misty Mountain patrol attempts to keep the caravans and travelers safe from harm.

With the help of the twin rangers Lighthoof, and Longstride they add some keen tracking skills to the patrol.

 Then their is Nolley the Hobbit who creeps into caves and other crevices to small for the others to reach.

With Ol' Sgt Funder leading the rest.  Whatever haunts the mountain passes, you'll rest assured the Misty Mountain Patrol is not far, and will keep you safe.


  1. I want more THROBBI! Clearly he's the hero of the adventure.

  2. Oh ya he is totally the real leadership on the patrol! LOL I actually need to get busy on their opponents and get some games in. With my Rankin Bass feel these games are a bit more whimsical then my Warhammer ones. ;) Thanks for looking and the follow, much appreciated man!

  3. What a fantastic dwarf band!!!