Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Quest for Stillmania: Nigel get's Stillmania in a Battle Report

I will let the report speak for itself in this post.  I mean come on my two favorite GW staff Nigel Stillman and Rick Priestley you could ask for more.

If you read through Nigel's Battle overview, you really get a sense of his mindset.  This is not some causal viewpoint, he is quite stubborn in his approach.  I think this is why for me Stillmania has lasted.  Over a series of articles we have found out Nigel's views, how he will implement them, and now we are seeing the product of his method.  I'm not sure in the history of White Dwarf if this had ever been done at this point.

So in summary:
  • Throw the most dice
  • Seize ground so you don't rout of the table
  • Big Battalions!
  • Commandos
  • Few characters
  • Fewer magic items
  • Always take more troops over magic!


  1. So I'm assuming the Bretonnians won?

    I wonder how things would have gone if those trees weren't blocking the center of the battlefield.

    1. You will have to stay tuned for the next installment. Damn those trees. Plus those soppy elves stayed away from the knights. No honor amongst them. Ride the down I say!!!

    2. Next installment? But I wanna know now! ;)