Thursday, August 28, 2014

The saga of Vollrath the Indecisive

Here is my small 1000 pt army of Khorne. Just got it finished up due to a couple of snow days. Enjoy!

 Here are the latest additions.  White Knight got these done just in time for me to have a clear painting desk!  I am going to upgrade these from standard chaos dwarfs from RoC at 60 points.  Making a unit of 8 for Khorne a base of 150 points.  This gives them a  move/charge range of 6/12" and an additional +1 save for being mounted.  What do you think?
 Here are the latest additions tot he army.  These Four A dwarfs are so awesome.  I was really intimidated by the tower dwarf, however he has become my favorite.Also snagged the copplestone khorne champion I had been after off ebay.


  1. Really nice job, the figures paint screams old school

  2. As always, great painting and presentation.
    Hairy Hengist's Rottweiler helm is awesome.