Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How I Warband Oldhammer style

So I have been trying to break my gaming partners of the 3000 pt army before I game syndrome. It is tough when you have painters as gaming partners and they would much rather knock out 10 more figures, then play with the five they already have finished. :evil:

Then I thought if this is a problem for me it might be a problem for some of you. So I headed to our trusty Oldhammer sites, revamped a couple of the articles with comic life, and printed up the articles to hand out.

*sorry if when you print some of the tables are a bit fuzzy, you should have Realm of chaos by now though :D

These can be found on Orlygg's site in their originality. I just churched up the warband post a bit.

I have been using both these articles for all my chaos warband needs. However you can use them for any bit of skirmish gaming. It is an easy way to get started Oldhammering as well. So get that pile of miniatures out, or head to ebay and grab a champion. Then post all your exploits here on the forum for us all to enjoy!!!

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