Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Another Oldhammer Blog

So a brief introduction....Hi I'm airbornegrove26!  After reading Orlygg's post: 
I thought it was time for me to take the plunge.  Work has finally slowed down for a bit, give me a little more free time.  So hopefully I can knock out a few post this week to get us some substance on here.

I have always been around wargaming by introduction of my father.  We  always played Fire & Fury ACW rules.  We are very near to having both complete armies for Gettysburg in 15mm spanned over 20+ years of painting.  However for me it was one moment  that started me down the path of Chaos!  When I saw this on a news stand I had to have it!

I was 10 or 11 and I read through this over and over and over.  It was one of the perfect issues.  It had Heroquest, it had Rogue Trader assault weapons, and let's not forget those lovely chaos warriors on the back leaflet. My imagination ran wild with ideas.  However for me I didn't take the plunge till I was in my 30's for games.  I was keen on looking at the pictures getting an odd figure here and there to paint up, never really gaming except historical. Oh and let's not forget Heroquest.  we did play that as a family.  So that was pretty cool.  Warhammer wise it was a more case of small town America, lack of technology, and lack of money.  I knew they're were people out they're like me.  But I did not have the means to find them localy or travel to them at conventions.  So I plugged along content with the odd WD here and there and the odd miniature oh and let's not forget Heroquest.  Yes I have three copies now.  I might be an addict.

Then high school came, then the Army, then a war, then marriage, then the family business, then a baby!  Then one day I stumbled up on the Oldhammer movement.  I can't remember which blog or forum got it started but thanks because it then lead.... ha ha LEAD... me into new world of inspiration and like minded individuals.

Now here we are I check blogger 20 times a day and scour eBay for old lead.  After a few rough goes, I have finally settled on my actual gaming army.  A lovely Khorne army that has become the center piece of my collection.

So where does that bring us....what's next?  I think the first order of business will be to share images of my humble collection.  Then possibly consolidate all my forum post on to here. That should keep everyone busy for a bit while I work on a nice new surprise for everyone. Hopefully to have it posted up next week!!!

So feel free to shoot me a message, inquire about anything, tell me what you love/hate.  Ask me about my miniatures, offer to buy my miniatures for boatloads of cash or old lead!  Or just stop by to say hey.  Cheer and as always happy gaming!

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