Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Comic Carnival: Fist Kiss a Warhammer Tale

M8's today we trudge on with this merry massacre of blood and gore!

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No on to our end of the year shenanigans!  Vasken is bout to get krunk!

 Stay tuned for the next  two installments coming up shortly. ;)


  1. Generals going mano a mano. Epic!

  2. Looking good, dudes! Shame that Bloo's general fell prey to the curse of being the most recently painted model.

    1. It never fails with Ol' Bloo...LOL he paints a great mini and it routes or dies everytime. Poor Guy

  3. Great finale. Blue looks pretty smug in that first pic. Must not have foreseen how the game ended. lol


    Nothing like a Bret charge to get the blood pumping.

  5. I thought the only tactic to use with Bret Knights was charge, charge, charge? None of that defensive rubbish. Bloo failed himself.

  6. Ha! This here was a REAL battle - zero filly fallying with stuff like tactics and maneuvering - just roll on up and explode in the middle, booya! And the bastards who started it are the ones that ended it. Too bad for Bloo, but all is fair in paint and war!

  7. Ya buddy! I was really hoping that gorgeous paintjob of his would win the day!!!