Saturday, November 15, 2014

The painting table: Dwellers of the Dungeon

Sometimes in the depths of the dungeon there are things that will make your heroes run with fear......
other times it might just be three pigs.

These pigs were once a grand heroic party.  Unfortunately for them all it takes is one false step and poof, the whole party was turned into pigs.  Now they roam the dungeon, and other parties have taken to feeding them and caring for them when they happen to cross paths. So these dwellers three will roam about in the dungeons deep, and are always up for some much needed comic relief.


  1. Like it! A big fan of fun details like this. :) Please do more dungeon silliness- and post adventure reports of quests in which the pigs have turned out to play a (accidentally) pivotal part!

  2. Fimm you got it! As it is Birthday/Veterans day wargaming extravaganza today! Next scenarios will have the pigs! Glad you like them. I have a 10 quest campaign coming up over the next couple months. Do keep a look out for it. =)