Monday, November 17, 2014

Steppenwolf or How to create an Eternal Champion

A while back Warlord Paul broached the topic of having us all create a character in our own likeness on Google+.  I already had one Schmendrick......but.   If you all have WD #242 you might remember the article on the chaos Champion Steppenwolf.  If not please look it over at the end of the post.

Anyway the gist of the article was that a French GW Francois-Xavier Ngo had modeled an immortal champion who could fight across time and space.  He had a model or two for every game.  With that in mind and Warlord Paul bringing up the subject I set to work making my own Steppenwolf...his name is Schmendrick.

Now the keen follower will remember that Schmendrick is already the name of my Heroquest hero.  Well I needed him elsewhere as well.  So we now have three versions of the character for: Heroquest, Oldhammer chaos, Spacehulk/40K.

He isn't a spitting image of me (he has a bit more hair), but he does embody my persona on the wargame table bringing the pain with his fiery sword Fellmarg!

Now with updated painted Akira bike.


  1. haha...very cool...a cross platform hero is a great idea!

  2. Where is Steppenwolf on the Akira bike?! :D

  3. Very nice, I will be following this up on G+ shortly.

  4. Thanks Blue! Captain...Akira bike added...lmao! Warlord Paul that is awesome. I wish I could have posted a lot sooner but apparently that head is becoming very rare! Glad you all like it, there might also me some new mice in the works as well to accompany him across the vastness of the universe.

  5. Great post. Wow, that Steppenwolf article is a blast from the past. I feel old ...

    1. Thanks’s an oldie but a goody. 😎