Monday, November 17, 2014

Battle among the graves.

This weekend was my veterans day/birthday wargaming extravaganza!  It is a time when I force my family to wargame with me.  =) Not all the players were familiar with 3E, so I came up with a simple idea to modify Heroquest stats and dice.

Each warband had 12 members they're stats where up to the players.  Each warband got to have 20 hitpoints, 20 attacks, and 20 defense to be divided between them.  This gave quite a bit of flexibility, and also a sense of tension as we did not know the stats of our opposing players.

Player initiative was card based per turn, and combat was with the Heroquest dice with all figures defending with white shields.  Simply put all hits occurred on 4,5,6.  All saves could be defended with 5,6.  All in all it was quite fun, and seemed to be the favorite game of the day, with us playing three total games of it.

Now on to the action!

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  1. Take that Chaos! Greenskins FTW! excellent report as always!