Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Quest for Stillmania: Building an army

This is a series of articles that discusses Nigel building a Bretonnian army.  However his advice and themes can be used for any army in the Oldhammer world.  So don't worry I haven't sold my should and turned to knights in shining army.  I am still collecting those skulls for the blood god.

Nigel in this first part discusses the why and how of coming up with his army.  He goes into great detail about the inspiration behind his army.  He also goes into how he will use his army for many different facets of the hobby.  From fielding them for full battles, to jousting tourneys.  He encompasses his whole army to be used for any situation or separate game as possible.

This really hits home for me, as I have really been toying with moving my heroquest figures into my chaos army.  So as to have them all in one tidy spot.  But I am not sure on that yet....a whole other post.

Anyway back on topic.  Pay special attention to the blurb on page two.  Where Nigel discusses that he is not building a tourney army.  It will be a characterized, fluff filled unique thing.

He then goes into his assembly process.  A bit boring for us old hands, but you may garner a learned lesson or two from reading these bits.

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  1. I've got the three issues with all the parts nearby. I was reading the articles again recently. It was one of my favourites. Nothing spectacular, but some very sound tips and inspiration.

    It was reading these again that had me wondering about making bespoke cases for my armies as I build them just as Mr Stillman suggested.