Saturday, October 25, 2014

Quest for Stillmania: The Background

Nigel discusses in this article his options or thoughts about his armies background.  He then goes on to include his order of battle.  He then creates his army list filled with named characters and units and comes in just under 2000 points.  

Look at that  two solid options, with three paragraphs worth each.  With thoughful consice planning.  That's all it takes folks, a little imagination, a paintbrush and some elbow grease.  Check out that terrain idea too! 

Lastly we are treated with some close ups of his heraldry and banners.  I hope you have enjoyed my quest for Stillmania series.  I wish there was much more but alas these are all the gaming tactical ones that I believe there are.  So quest on in the spirit of Stillmania and bring these stubborn simple views down upon your Oldhammer opponents in battles everywhere!

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