Saturday, December 24, 2022

A Merry Christmas Comic Report!

 The Masters of the Monolith met up at an undisclosed bunker for Violence in the Valley 2.  We enjoyed two amazing days of Warhammer 3rd Ed.  Enjoy the Christmas Comic Report.

For the weekend I team up with BlueinVt's Dwarves and we fought Dustin's Orcs and Goblins and Lopez's Dark Elves.

Merry Christmas from the Masters of the Monolith!


  1. Another great report, hope you have a great Christmas

  2. Great stuff! The bright colours work really well on the tabletop! Have a good Christmas!

  3. Ah, the true spirit of Christmas - giving Orcs a good kicking. Excellent battle report as always!

  4. Smashing report! Merry Xmas mate