Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Rangers of KerryGold

Through a series of circumstances I was able to pop over and visit Cheetor for a couple days of gaming.

The level of excitement was palpable!

So dear friends...


  1. Great you were able to travel to get in all those games, they look like a real blast.

  2. No lies detected! Looks like you had great fun!

  3. Considering how long you were over here for, and how busy we were with other things, we didn't waste a minute.

    In fact, missing Schmendrick's unlikely nuthin-but-net assassination was possibly the only thing that I missed for the duration.

    Thanks for recording the games Grover! We will pick up where we left off next time.

  4. Haha, looking awesome! A pure moment of true fun, I love it!

  5. Those were some really fun looking games mate! Great comic as always!

  6. Love everything about this, the fact that you got in a great couple days of play, the pictures, the writeup, the format, and of course the name! Awesome!