Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Guys I can't stop! Wolfrik's White Wolves

For awhile I've been super jealous of the Empire White Wolves and have wanted to add a unit to my chaos dwarf cavalry army.

Well I finally did it, and here is how you can too.

I already had a unit with a Bear theme and Hammers

I decided that I could use those models as the base for my conversion.  I would just need to use different weapons.

 I ordered a unit of the bear cavalry from TAG and they were nice enough to switch the ponies to unbarded and the weapons to flails.

What I ended up doing was sawing the top of all their heads off and using several press moulds of wolf heads from miniatures I had to create 3 heads for variety.

The Werewolf champion is made from a torso of a Four A mutated dwarf.  and the Drummer was made from several parts of Clam's own dwarfs.  Having the drummer makes me think of the opening scene of Conan and he's just banging away the whole time.

Here's some more work in progress shots of the Wolf heads and me blending them into the fur capes.

I painted them in my limited palette, same as the rest of the army. 

I have one more exciting add to the army as I prep for Cold Wars so do Stay Tuned or if you like what you see follow along.  Be sure you are also keeping up with my give-aways.  Next month's should be really exciting as it will be in the Dwarf theme.


  1. You are a converting and painting MACHINE!
    I cannot wait to see a full army beauty shot.
    The absolute HORDE of cav thundering across the Graveskul Plain

  2. Once again nice conversions to get what you want. Respect.

  3. Awesome looking unit, love flail armed cavalry!

  4. Replies
    1. One more thing to showcase next week. Then I need to start thinking on getting the next unit actually sculpted.

  5. Any reference to Conan gets two thumbs up from me

  6. As someone else has stated, your hobby performance is astounding: you manage to produce a lot in very few time.

    Now on the wolves. Love them furs but as those are dwarves, it looks like they skinned puppy wolves.

    Which is fun.

    You might want to add visual clue that they actually hunted proper dire wolves and skinned them, like making it look like they cut and used just the upper half of the wolf.

    Still, really awesome stuff!


    1. Thanks Javi...once I get going on a project I tend to get after it. It's the between projects that I have trouble with. HAHAHA Wolf pups...that might not be a bad they think they are tough but the only killed babies so everyone thinks they really arent tough.

  7. Dammit, that's simply so awesome at so many levels!!