Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Stinkor and the Secrets of Stink Castle

Castle Stinkor is a great place to visit....if you can get past the stench!

So this all kinda started when I saw this amazing Custom Castle done by Castle Broskull.

Then things began to stink up even further when I saw a new Stinkor Model from Richard Bowker on the Masters of the Underhive page.

Please I can't be held responsible for the fart jokes that you are about to witness.

When you blast one so bad you have to open the front door.

Stinkor I thought I smelled your foul stench

That lonely walk home after you accidentally stunk up the place.

Stinkor point that thing away from me!

Stinkor for real...Chili again!

When you go outside and pass gas in the fresh air of Eternia

Whew you made it through the stink cloud!
Castle Stinkor looks good along Grayskull, Snake Mountain, and Funko's Batcave. 


  1. LOL - always love me some fart gags. Well, no, I don't like to gag on farts. Honest....

    1. Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself to get the right reaction from your target. LOL

  2. Stinkor looks great!

    How does he scale with other figs?

    1. He’s about 33-34mm so ogre sized. Definitely a big tough guy for a warband or npc character .

  3. Wow
    I couldn't figure out if you had Castle Broskull make one custom or if thos was your own work.
    Finally, got it. Great job.

    ...and Broskull's page is inspirarional

    1. Ya I could have worded that a bit better. I painted my own. His is better imo, and his page is full of great work.

  4. Wow he was by fart, one of my most loved action figures.

    I really need to stea... I mean, To pay homage to this idea ASAP.

    I wonder if it is possible to mix any stuff with sculpting clay to make it smell the hell out.

    Happy Holidays dude! Dig your new Bonn... Banner. Fresh AF.

    1. Thanks Javi glad you like the mini and the banner. My idea to mix something with greenstuff would be this stuff called thieves oils. It’s this pyramid scheme women get into. But it’s strong and will mix with the clay. Some of them smell terrible. I’d be interested to hear if that works for you.

  5. Yep this last comics is look grrat Thomas. I love the last picture, cool castels collection 😄

  6. That's fartastic!! Oh, no, well, I mean... never mind.
    Cool job! :D