Monday, December 16, 2019

Willow's Warcry: Sorceress Stormcast

You know I'm a big Motu fan.  If you didn't you really should read my blog more.  LOL  No I'm kidding.  It has been pretty easy making some crossover paint schemes with my 80's minis but hadn't really thought about if for Warcry till I saw Jean Peinture's God Sworn Hunt. 

If you aren't following his blog you are missing out.

Anyway I decided to go with a Sorceress not the 1982 film

the Motu Sorceress

I'm really leaning towards my narrative being a young Black Vasken who is clashing with Sorceress and her Pet Defenders of Grayskull.  




 The look I had when I saw how spindly the Aetherwings really are. 



 The leopard spotted gryphounds will be in the starting warband...


...Ah look a cute baby gryphound.  Which will include baby gryphound.  The tiger striped ones will be once she gains enough territory to expand her Warband.



I'm still leaning towards her leader being a Questor-Knight as that fits with the description Willow has given me.  I will wait and make a final decision once I do some more research tho.

Might have to fudge some abilities and stats.  on her.  Disclaimer this is probably not going to be a legal warband,  Willow has some firm ideas how she wants them to be, and I'm going to build the rules around that.

I don't know why but that gives me a Ghostbusters feeling while she is sucking his soul out.  LOL

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these and after looking at them you to can "HAVE THE POWER!"


  1. That looks fantastic, just perfect.
    You did them so fast too.

    Thingamadoodle Jr. is going to be the star of the show, guaranteed.

    1. I’m so excited to see what he gets up too ūüėā

  2. Great looking warband that fit's your theme very well

  3. That's a great warband. Your methodology on it's fits together is why I hang here.

  4. Excellent result mate! Hope the wee one enjoys playing the game too!

  5. They look great. Hope your little one enjoys her game

  6. By the Power of Greyskull!

    These are just a riot! So fun! The critters, especially, look AMAZING!

  7. I didn't see this coming and it's so awesome :D

  8. This is a brave move, putting so many excellent MOTU images next to your warband. I am glad to report your painting holds it own alongside that visual awesomeness.

    1. Thanks dawg! No to get to the level where people can't tell them apart...muahahahaha