Friday, December 6, 2019

Fogou Mud & Brick Kickstarter

G'day M8's you remember Fogou Models right?  The great company that brought us the fantastic Battle at the Farm and Fort Hardknox  terrain sets.


Well they are running a fantastic new Kickstarter of Mud and Brick Buildings for any type of Orky Village or Hellsreach type tables.  They could even double for several Historical settings.   

They have a fantastic tier system set up if you aren't about going all in.  However you would be missing out on some seriously amazing stretch goals if you don't.  And for £210 why wouldn't you go all in?  It's the holidays.  Treat yourself to some Hobby goodness.

We've unlocked most of the stretch goals and the next one is the best of all in a whole building.  They have hinted at a couple more stretch goals if we unlock that one as well.

Oh and if that wasn't enough they are giving away one free oven with each order if you share this online! 

So if you are looking for some amazing terrain to make settings like this head over now and pledge only have 5 days left!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm right up there with Andy Hoare now! LMAO

    2. least this is for really cool terrain....

    3. You will surely benefit from playing on it as well. ;)

  2. Love seeing their stuff on other blogs I read. Bit pricey for my tastes though.