Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Kissy Snake Level's Up in a big way!

Do you have a minute to talk about our lord and savior Kissy Snake?

If you weren't aware Kissy Snake has been a fringe character developed back in 2017.  I had ordered the Fright Zone toyset which came along with the Snake Puppet.  My daughter dubbed it Kissy Snake and so that's what we've called him ever since. 

Now fast forward to Boyl 2019 and while looking at Nico's fantastic miniatures I spied this beastmen with a snake hand.


I immediately thought that would be fantastic if I converted the snake into a mini Kissy Snake toy to hang on Black Vaskens belt.

Good thing my buddy Nigel had a spare one laying around.

I told a couple of other buddies about the idea and one said, "The fact that you saw the hand of a miniature at the Space Hulk table and thought "I need dozens of those" is amazeballs!"

Then the other said "The fact that your Chaos Lord gets his orders from a hand puppet called Kissy Snake is surprisingly similar to most religions."  religions hmm...Realm of Chaos...well the idea really took off from there.

I got to work.

First up was getting the mini's painted, one each for mounted and foot Vasken.

He has Kissy Snake, a Chaos Dwarf Action figure, a travel copy Warhammer 3rd ed. with mini sword, and a skull charm.

Foot Vasken got a Kissy Snake, and a chain with some tooth totems.


So what does the Kissy Snake toy actually do in game?

Well... There are older and fouler things than Orcs in the deep places of the world.” Hsssssssssss

First we had to develop Kissy Snake as an Independent Daemon using Realm of Chaos.

I decided to make the initial free gift the Mark of Kissy Snake as a Daemon Weapon, more on that later.  I also created my rewards table with a snake theme, using the other gods as a rough guide.

The Mark of Kissy Snake...Kissy Snake's initial free gift to his champions.

Time to create the Daemon Weapon

I'm going to use bits and pieces from that.  I didn't want it to be as powerful as they made them.  So here's what I've come up with.

Ancient Spirits of Evil transform this decaying toy into Kissy Snake the Ever Living!


Kissy Snake is a Daemon weapon Toy that when worn becomes Kissy Snake the Ever-living! 

Yes you would be correct that when the transformation occurs I actually will put on the snake puppet and it will be all Monty Python like, and a giant snake will come down from the sky.

Giant Kissy Snake Stats: 
Daemonic Power Points: Roll a D8 pregame, that is the number of uses.  Once he has reached half those uses his killing fury level might take over before he is sated.  Once sated his spirit goes dormant for the rest of the game.

I was trying to find a way to make it so there is some sort of struggle between Black Vasken and Kissy Snake, much like Frodo and the One ring or something similiar.  I think the chance for the Killing Frenzy fits nicely and has the potential to harm Vasken or even his own troops.

So that covers everything for games of Warhammer.   Now for something completely different, kind of...

Some friends have really caught the Warcry bug, and are feverishly collecting warbands.  One of them had the idea for me to do a Young Vasken by picking a Warcry band based on his quest pattern, then the quest could be "The Young Black Vasken Chronicles".  A young barbarian just about to find a patron..."KIZZEY SZNAYKE! I NEVAH PRAY TO YOU BEFOWAH!"

Arnie looks as convinced as I do...
 It did sound intresting though, so I gave the rules a quick look and watched a couple tutorials.  I'm really digging that Warcry is kind of a Realm of Chaos/ Mordheim mash and Vasken would really fit with the Untamed Beasts. 

So a young Black Vasken who is a kind of eternal champion much like Steppenwolf and a snake god looking out for him, you almost have a 90's sitcom there.  Keeping the Arnie theme going the Untamed Beasts are kind of Conan type Predators and Vasken does blow up on occasion so it really fits.

Also if it bleeds we can kill it, and if it bleeds more we can track it.

So what if Black Vasken was sent back in time by Kissy Snake to save someone?

Could it maybe be Kissy Snakes mother?


Could we even go more 80's Arnie and have Vasken tell Kissy Snakes mom to,  "Come with me if you want to live!"  I mean I think we kinda have too at this point.

So my thought is that Kissy Snake's mom has been thrown out of Snake Mountain and Kissy Snake has sent Vasken back to help her reclaim it. Then if they succeed Vasken will become the Lord of Snake Mountain, and somehow Kissy Snake's dad? Exciting I know, so stick around.


  1. I almost fainted due to the levels of awe.

  2. This is just perfect. Taking fun seriously, not making fun serious.

    The rewards table is fantastic.

    The idea of Vasken and Kissy Snakes relationship being a power struggle like Elric and Arioch's is definitely the way to go for narrative.

    Top drawer post, and I haven't even mentioned the inspired conversion idea yet!

    1. Glad you approve man! Thanks for all the help pushing this one out. ;)

    2. I got the Elric and Arioch vibe too! Good callout cheetor!

    3. I’ll need to do some research. I don’t know that much about Elric Lore

  3. The way you've carried Kissy snake through in all these ways is exceptional, long may fun reign !

    1. Thanks Dave, it's all kind of falling into place. Like Cheetor said I take fun seriously. All praise Kissy Snake

  4. Replies
    1. Nah son he is gonna eat your Hydra as an appetizer!

  5. Bravo. You are such a genius. Not sure if the kind of crazy genius or not, but nevermind. This has been awesome. Hats off!

  6. Never fail to impress with your projects and planning mate. And the batshit craziness of them. Of course. Bloody good work.

  7. Ok, Kissy Snake is now even more awesome! I am still befuddled by Warcry, but I guess I still hve a year or so to learn how to play it poorly.

    1. You’ll get the hang of it. Just pick a warband and get started. I’m only focusing on Untamed Beasts.

  8. Absolutely amazing! I started reading the post and my excitement grew as it went on, this is an awesome idea.

    I'd already been toying around with a RoC Warcry crossover, I think they'd really compliment each other well.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Meandering. I’ve just flipped through the rule book, I like what I see. I’ll post my ideas as I develop the warband. Have you posted your ideas?

    2. The only thing about Warcry i've posted on my blog is part of the group project I joined, we're planning on using warcry with bespoke cards we create for our converted warbands.

      It was just on the side of that my love of the oldschool tickling my brain going "You know what else this might be good for? the RoC books... You could roll up a warband then make them fit the rule-set"

      With me going, cheers brain, like I don't already have enough distractions to sidetrack me :D

    3. That sounds sweet, and sounds like something I could get into. I’ll go check out your blog and become a follower as well. Thanks for commenting. 👍

  9. This is so cool! I have fond memories of the Fright Zone toy myself. Thanks for posting this!

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    1. It’s just a jpg I found online on one of the heroquest forums. I lost the computer with that file. But if I find it online I’ll send t to you.

  11. this is the greatest thing EVA!!!! Kissy Snake is our Lord and MASTER!