Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Noresmian Nights by Lead Adventures

I backed Noresmian Nights from Lead Adventure Miniatures and I'm so glad I did!  It is such a departure from my normal hobby zone and am so excited to share.

I got them all based and prepped the day I got them delivered. 

My first two painted up.  


I went all in and received all the stretch goals.  The quality is above and beyond, as usual from LAF.

The band might be my favorite set.

I also got the cavalry set, I got 2 extra standard bearers to turn into lancers to make a unit of 5.

It also came with a bunch of food platters, rugs, and vases to add to the bases.

I'm very excited after my first 2 painted figure.  I need to focus the next couple weeks on Boyl, but once I'm back from that in August I'm devoting my hobby time to finishing this up.  Thanks for stopping by.   I don't believe these are in the store yet but keep an eye out if these pique your interest.


  1. You know I'm not a fan of historicals Grove, but these look fantastic!

    The detail is really incredible. I can see these being easy to convert up for both RT and WFB too....if that's where you wanted to take them that is.

    Love that little elephant mini too.

    I look forward seeing them all painted up.....after we have our fun at BOYL of course :)

    1. These are fantasy pseudo-historicals so you should be fine Shane. ;)

      The detail is out of this world. There are so many fun little additions to each figure.

      Boyl or bust right now tho.

  2. Lovely things! And nice painting on those two!

    1. Thanks Mouse, I'm really excited to get stuck in on them.

  3. Lead Adventure really make some great figs. I can't wait to kill them in some collateral damage.

    1. You'll probably be fine, I'm the one that will blow them all up. LMAO