Tuesday, July 16, 2019

More Boyl Prep

Boyl prep continues at full steam!

Luckily these are just single miniatures for narrative games.  

First up is my terminator survivor, a wrestler, for Cheetor's game on Sunday.

Then my chaos psyker is doubling as my ash waste racer. Dual purpose miniatures are a must for the international traveler. ;)

Lastly here is my Strontium dog agent ready to kill Nazi's and Hitler's 

Next post are my terminators for Nico's Space Hulk game.  Hoping to have them done this weekend.


  1. Looking good Dawg! I'm in full freak out paint mode right now, a lot left to do. Do you have your Temple of Rigg adventurers line up?? I'm trying to work out mine as I flail about.

  2. Yes, I can attest that Dual Purpose minis are a must!
    Nicely done, the Psyker/Racer is very cool!

  3. Ya I'm just using beastmen from my RoC force. Dual purpose minis dawg are key to the international traveler. ;)

  4. Nice job with unusual colors :)
    The ratskin psyker on his mount is my favorite

  5. Nice work, Grove! That wrestler’s pose is awesome

  6. Was the Chaos Psyker actually made with the Ash Wastes Racing in mind, as it's conceptually so perfect!