Saturday, August 13, 2016

Tiger Claw Termies

So taking some inspiration from my Space Hulk game at Historicon I had to get some Tiger Claw Terminators for myself.
Kronos Lee's Tiger Claws
As soon as I got home I made my some purchases of Ebay.

After that it was time to look for some inspirations.
From the Fighting Tigers of Veda

From the Fighting Tigers of Veda

From the Fighting Tigers of Veda
Using the old Rogue trader scheme and seeing some diffrent ways to apply the stripes I got to work.

Here is my first squad member Panzer Wodji armed with Grenade Launcher and Lightning Claws

More to come over the next couple days...


  1. I don't know. Can the missiles hit anything without the targeter? ;-) Neat project. Good luck. The tiger stripes are a neat old scheme. 😊

  2. Great work - the difficulty of this scheme is pulling it off without also obscuring the shape of the marine (which is the purpose of real camo, but does not look good on toy soldiers); I think you have pulled it off better than the examples you have shown. Let's see the other 4 now!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Classic. ;)