Friday, August 12, 2016

Multi table battles

Stumbled upon this old article as we do.  Sometimes I skim over these brilliant articles for years with out realizing the gold that they provide.  Anyway it's a brilliant concept.  I know there has been talk about running a 24 hour game at one of the Oldhammer days in the future, which would be awesome in itself.

A weekend day long multitable battle or campaign though for me would be awesome!  Everyone bringing their army, with each battle fought dictating in some small way the final outcome of everyone else's battle.  Could be the stuff of legends!

Have a look.  Have your tried this?  What are your thoughts?


  1. Great idea! It truly would be the stuff of legends.
    Stupid question: from what magazine does that article come from? An old WD?

    1. You better believe it! Maybe we could do a worldwide Oldhammer campaign. It is an old WD. I got to check what #. I was reading a whole pile and have forgotten which one its in. Lol

  2. Umm, I think we may be psychically linked. I was just thinking about this sort of thing the other day. I had read about a Napoleonics game spread out over several tables and how the generals had to relay messages through the GM to call for support from other tables. Hilarity ensued when people marched the wrong way etc. I also thought it might be fun to make up a mini campaign map to have a campaign of sorts for the pickup games in October. Giving and overall theme to the battles and chance for some limited strategic goals.