Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Thrud and The Black Currant

I got these minis last week with my Zombicide Black Plague rewards.  I knew they were going to be the first ones I painted once I opened the box.  These figures ooze old skool and fit perfect into our Oldhammer culture.

First up is Thrud.  I left him on his game base as I wanted to leave one for the actual game to play with.  Have a look.  I left it as close to the original concept as I could possibly get.

I'm pleased with how he turned out.

Now for the Black Currant.  I unfortunately am not very familiar with Thrud...I'm to young Argh!  However as soon as I saw this mini I knew he needed to be in my Chaos army.  So I hacked him off his base and gave him a new square one.  Slapped some red and Black on him and put him with my trolls to boss around.

This guy reminds me of The Mountain from Game of Thrones
 Hez ded ard he iz!
 My army laid out to crush Bulldog Lopez's Dark Elfs here in a couple weeks at Historicon.

 He fit's in perfectly with my army.  Both my Trolls have silly walk.  So I hadn't some sudden inspiration while flipping through the channels the other day.  John Cena was walking out for a wrestling match.  All I could think of was my Trolls pimp stepping along as Kyre's entourage and John Cena's theme song blaring.  LOL  Well at least I find out it funny. ;)


  1. Thrud is bad ass! I'm bummed I have to wait until October to see him in the flesh.

    1. Thanks dawg! Me too...I'm going to put him into action at Historicon. Have fun this weekend. Looking forward to some comic battle reports while I lounge around Gettysburg. ;)