Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Gore Chosen: Another Chaos Dwarf Cavalry Unit

After fighting Lopez's Undead I got home and did some points crunching, as was the style at the time.

I realized by shifting some heroes out I could take another unit of Dwarf Cavalry and add a third Chariot ( more on that for another post)

 I knew I wanted them to resemble the Battle Masters Chaos knights that I already had in my army.


I found a Khorne Beserker head that would fit the idea.  Battle Masters chaos horns and a skull face what could be better for the knights of Black Vasken.

  I added some beards and the horse hair plume adornments to the back of the helms.

Other then that they are base WhiteKnight/TAG  Imperial Dwarf Cavalry Knights without the barded horses.

I have beefed these up to be Shock 4+ since the are Dark Beardson's personal body guards.

I've also stuck to my limited palette and its interesting how many variants I've had to come up with.  Each of the lance units now has their own specific color.  (Don't worry I'll take army shots very soon)

 I went with proper Herohammer names that are perfect for the Blood Gawd.


  1. Absolutely flippin awesome mate. Those helmets fit in perfectly with the rest of Vasken's lot.

  2. That's so fabulous. They are amazing!

  3. Looking great! From conversions to paint jobs. Awesome!

  4. nice work, dude. those names on the bases are a nice touch, too

  5. Fantastic conversions! They look amazing and somehow manage to look both menacing and daft at the same time, like true chaos should! The love heart banners pennants set the whole thing off perfectly - an absolute masterwork

    1. You've described them perfectly! A menace in the saddle but fall flat on their faces if they dismount. LOL I do enjoy the humor of chaos.