Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Summer WFB 3rd Ed. Gaming Extravaganza

Me and that lovable scamp Bulldog Lopez you know the guy...Fishkiller...He of Three names...anyway.  We got together to play a whole weekend filled with Warhammer Fantasy Third Edition.  

We managed to get in three solid games over the course of the weekend.  I think we both learned quite a bit about our armies.  Lopez was trying out his undead for the first time.  This was my first time playing a fear based army as well.


 The grand armies deploy for battle!

The first day battle for the Temple of Skulls was about to begin.

Black Vasken's cavalry set off to get to grips with these foul beings of undeath.

The doom riders move around the flank ignoring all terrain, as the undead giant lumbers forward.

 The necromancer makes some foul incantations and summons forth more skeletons.

Gav and Nigel move to the Temple to slow up the Doom riders from getting around the flank.

The liche dives in on his zombie dragon to wreck havoc among the reserve ranks.

With the dragon and the giant making short work of my cute ponies what survived was whittled down by missile fire. 

The Second Battle was fought under a hill with an ancient bell tower.

Black Vasken's forces rushed to reinforce the defenders of the small village near bell tower.

Kellerman leading the Heartbreakers urges his men forward.

The undead advance on the village hoping to bottleneck the mounted enemy in the village streets.

Dark Beardson deploys to meet them with his vanguard.

 The skelton archers let loose a volley that showers the chaos line.
 The front column of Black Vaskens reinforcements reaches the end of the village.
 McMeatloaf seeing the dire situation exhorts the troops to hasten.
 Just as the head of the reinforcing column sets to deploy the undead reach the village.  The undead giant and zombie dragon lead the way.
What Heartbreakers survive the Zombie Dragon attack take their revenge on the Doom Riders.
 The undead necromancer unleashes a storm of chaos vortex's that disintegrate friend and foe.  

This breaks all resistance as Vasken sounds the retreat to regroup at the other end of town.
The Heartbreakers get cutoff in the confusion of the retreat and are decimated by the Zombie Dragon.  All that is left is mopping up for the undead as their ranks swell with new soldiers.

The third battle was again fought over the Temple of Skulls this time with the undead holding the high ground in a good defensive position.

Black Vasken formed his cavalry into attack columns to break the skeleton line as quickly as possible.

With a cheer the mounted chaos dwarf cavalry charged the skeleton archers.
It was all a ploy as the Doom Riders descended the temple on the chargers flank. 
 Unfortunately this caused a rout of most of my army and allowed to Necromancer to finish his foul right to reanimate the undead giant from his grave!
The battle was quickly over once he was up and started swinging his club.
 Facing an undead fear based army is no joke.  All the extra fear tests to get into combat add up over time.  I had at least one unit break in each game even with the Chaos Dwarf Coolness of 9, and I had three fails in a row in the last battle.  
I also needed to figure out how to get through the summoned skeleton ranks that became a tripwire.  It held up enough to then be whittled away by missile fire. 
I plan on tweaking the chariots to chaos dwarf whirlwinds to allow them to break through ranks of the enemy.  I really need to practice with forming a wedge as well and seeing if it is more effective.
With one draw and two losses I still had one of the best gaming experiences.  I learned quite a bit about my army, and it was really enjoyable to watch Lopez figure out his undead which we both thought would be a lot weaker.  


  1. Fantastic armies, cool report and nice pictures :) It's like opening an (very) old WD.

  2. Looks like an amazing weekend!! Glad to see 3rd edition alive and well!

  3. Good to see you guys making the most of the oppotunity to play the game and taking something positive from facing something new on the opposite side of the table.

    1. Indeed! Undead I thought werent gonna be that bad....they are tougher then I expected. Good generalship on Lopez's part as well.

  4. Oh, I've enjoyed this one! Fantastic game, immersive pics and cool report. 10/10

  5. Looks like a blast! Great report and awesome pictures.

  6. Jealous as f***! I haven’t played 3rd in decades. Great armies, love the old Battlemaster chaos knights. Undead troops are nice as well. Where is the undead giant from?

  7. Beautiful armies! Love the old school vibes. :)