Thursday, March 11, 2021

Warcry: Untamed Beasts

After playing a few games with my Untamed Beasts I've got a good feel for them and developed my play style.


I've settled on adding another Beast Speaker and and a 3rd Rocktusk Prowler. Everything else will be Plains Runners besides Black Vasken.

I have several versions of Black Vasken on foot.  At the gawds whim he can be an ever changing Eternal Champion of the Eightpoints. 


Black Vasken with Prowler Fang Horns


Black Vasken with Warpaint of Bestial Vigour


Mange the Beast Speaker and Favoured Warrior with Devourers Blessing

New Beast Speaker Malice

McDeath the pack leader of the Rocktusk Hounds

The ever aggressive McMayhem

McDouble the mutated two headed hound

Vollrath the ever angry chaos dwarf (Plainsrunner)

Big Mac (Plainsrunner)

The son of Big Mac, Big Mac jr. (Plainsrunner)

Tomahawk (Plainsrunner)

Axe Deluxe (Plainsrunner)

Steppenwolf (Plainsrunner)

Massacre (Plainsrunner)

Count Metal Mane (Plainsrunner)

Ultimate Dwarf (Plainsrunner)

Gozer the Hoplite (Plainsrunner) or can be upgraded to (Myrmidon at campaigns end)

Chunk the pinheaded (Plainsrunner)
I'm really looking forward to playing more campaigns with them and exploring the Varanspire!


  1. Lovely collection!

    I particularly like the blades on that first Dwarf, Vollrath!

    Is there any chance of seeing all your Black Vaskin figures collected into one place or would that cause the Realm of Chaos to bleed into our reality?

    1. I sure can! I’m working on an new eternal champion post that will have them all in it.

  2. A handsome bunch of bloodcrazed buggers! Always enjoy seeing your vision in red and black and Vasken. Is great also that you so handily made this warband for Warcry with alt (better) minis too.

    1. It was the perfect chance to get these oldies on the table for a new game, which is actually quite fun to boot.

  3. Impressive work! I really like how you pulled all these models together into a cohesive group. Hopefully I can get my own fantasy warband primed up soon. Seeing everyone else's work really gives me that painting itch!

    1. Oh yes that would be fun to see. ;)

    2. It’s that time of year in the east coast. I haven’t been able to prime. They are next on the list. :)

  4. I second the request for an "All Vasken" gallery post.
    Fantastic work. I really like the wide model mix but pulled together with the painting scheme.

    1. Give'em what they want. LOL I'll be sure to get the All Vasken post put together soon. ;)

  5. Love these guys, they look awesome and suitably chaotic!

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