Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Space Hulk Deathwing: Paint time

Sit down M8's and let's paint along!

After last times prepping it was finally time to get some paint on these Hulk'd out Death Wingz!

I went for the same scheme as my modern Deathwing army.

At a later point when the Deathwing Squad members have done amazing feats I will add to their feather icons and also Piscina campaign honours.



  1. Juan Hidalgo Miniatures's last vid on YouTube is about feathers on minis,both old school and nowadays ones.

    BTW that chaplain looks angry AF. Totally forgot that helmet existed.

    Honestly, deathwing is what remains from old days dark angels. I can stand them being green instead of black but further they went from 2nd to 3rd edition the far they were from Native Americans in power armour.

    1. Oh thanks for that link! The chaplain def brings the right kind of attitude. ;) Deathwing are my favorite and have always been.

  2. Good gaming Thomas and a lot of feathers for your squadron!

  3. Love how they came out mate and love the idea to give them honours as they go through the campaign

  4. Love this. The lighting effect is well-done - I have always been disappointed with my attempts, so I quit trying except in certain circumstances.