Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Deathwing Comic

G'day ya Drongo's...It's time for a comic report!
The map is a mix of three different boards.  The squad using a boarding torpedo breach the ship.  Then they have to fight their way to the elevator station.

 Well they can't all be winners.  What a fun exciting game though to get them on the board.  Stay tuned for more comics in the future detailing the heroics of Chaplain Boreas!!!! 


  1. One of my very 1st PC games indeed. I mean, one I owned myself (it rocks when you start managing your own money as a kid).

    Really like that graphic triad of comic book, miniatures magazine and videogame.

    The swarm overflowing pictures left me feeling like Oh-Oh ūüė®

  2. Awesome sauce. I’m working on painting up my 1st ed set, following your lead

  3. I love the ads for the video games nested in the report. Pretty much anything Space Hulk gets my vote, and when its with a set of figs like this <3 <3 <3

  4. Oh, stressful and claustrophobic, as it's meant to be!

  5. Pretty much how just about every single game of Space Hulk ended for me. Nice to see that things haven't changed 25 years on! LOL

    Fab report mate, excited to see more.

    1. HAHAHAHA It's gonna be tough leveling these guys up.

  6. You read this, a smile appears on your face and then you quickly rush to your space hulk copy to start a game :)

  7. Lol. I guess the Emperor does not protect closet traitors!

  8. I'm not so sure that would actually pass the Comics Code Criteria.... But a cracking read none-the-less!