Wednesday, July 25, 2018

White Dwarf Chaos Cover My Version

G'day M8's and let me take you back to the days of high adventurer!  This iconic Geoff Taylor cover is what did it for me.  I saw that on the magazine rack and 10 year old Grovey was done.  I can't even count the amount of time I spent flipping through the pages of this issue.

So the idea for this popped in my head when I got my Pizza Tank finished.  Then I thought it would be fun to get ALL my Chaos out on the table for a fun photo shoot.  Enjoy

Nailed it!....Well sort of but you get the idea.

Black Vasken and his Goonie Horde sally out to do Khorne's bloody work. ;)

The thundering of hooves and the whipping of dragons wings. 
Lumbering trolls, and bellowing Minotaurs.
Ravening hounds and snarling manticores,
Hope you've enjoyed having a look. 


  1. What a great shoot. Sometimes, it's just time for a parade.
    Always so cool to see the Goonies out an about.

  2. That is also my favorite cover. I just love the scale it shows.

  3. Nailed it. Reminds me I need to do more studio shots.

  4. Great stuff! You should print that first group photo as a poster and mount it.

  5. Everyone one loves a "Glory Shot" , nicely done sir!

  6. That’s such a stupidly cool army mate.

    1. I hope we get to team up with it and your chaos dwarves sometime. Slaughtering goodies alllllll daaaaaay!

  7. Nailed it indeed. I can't begin to tell you how happy this post makes me. What a wonderful collection!

  8. Wow some of these old models really take me back, really well painted as well. Remember the artwork well and like your reply quoting Epic as the cover was originally done for epic, but then used for fantasy instead, hence the siege engine in the background

  9. Looks fantastic, man. Was about to ask what the machine in the background was, but I saw the answer above.

  10. One of my favourite GW illustrations! So bizarre yet epic. Great homage.

  11. I would like to include the over all picture of the army with background/scenery in a YouTube video if that's alright. This article has inspired me to hit the scenery building bench!

  12. It's great putting an entire army out for photos like that.

    Fab army, fab WD cover too.