Monday, December 11, 2017

Bruegelburg day at the fair, and other painted minis

LAFs Bruegelburg miniatures have some of the best civilians on the market right now.  I got these painted up before Monolith-con but hadn't got a chance to post them up till now.  I also got some local wildlife and other nice bits done as well.

 First up is the baker and the doxy!  The baker to me has a face that reminds me of Meatloaf which has inspired another project.  This doxy is fabulous as well.  She will be some new competition to create some friction around the Busty Bronco.

We have some foreign envoys here trying to gain a trade agreement, and possibly sealed with a marriage to the princess.  Nothing keeps treaties bound like marriage.

Another rich merchant and his cronies for the square.  That bodyguard in blue hides his large blade very well.

Yes sir, these masks are guaranteed to provide you with a male heir.  Buy one get one free, they are only good for one use.

Crazy Clara was the focal point for the last comic report.  I've had her laying around for far to long, and I was glad I finally had a reason to get her out of the lead drawer.

This is Vivaron a giant neolithic snake.  I got the idea from my good buddy the good Govenor...over at Sector 6.  If your not following his blog your missing out.

Lastly Sean painted up little Monolith's for everyone for Monolith-con.  They look great, and can't wait to get it out on the table top as an objective. ;)

Well that's it for now.  Till next time M8's!


  1. They look awesome. Ratnik really knows how to sculpt!

  2. I didn't even know this range existed so thanks for bringing it to my attention, Tom.

  3. ....and that makes you the Lizard King!

  4. Man, your hobby love affair with LAM is still as wonderful as ever, you're a great salesman of theirs !

  5. Those Lead Advneture miniatures really livened up the table. Your paint jobs are great. Once I get through the Astropolis stuff I'll be heading to Breugelburg. Thanks for the shout out.

  6. Lead Adventure produces some really fun sculpts. Just a shame they are a bit pricey imo (Inc shipping).

    Love the bright colours you've given them. Lucky gaming table.

    1. Ya I was going to go in on the latest kickstarter, I just wanted those 4 mech horses, and total it was going to be 80.00. I try to work out my deals with them on kickstarter when im able, or when I got some needless throw away money. ;) Thanks for taking a look Dai.