Tuesday, August 8, 2017

There and Back Again a BOYL Tale


G'day M8's, sit down and grab a pint and I will tell you a tale of high adventure!  This trip has been three years in the making.  We consulted the astral alignments, and knew it was the right time to go.  After traveling about 36 hours with hardly any sleep me and my man BulldogLopez arrived at the Foundry Estates.

M8's for life
After much bro-hugging we got to the task at hand and started exploring the grounds.
Here are some photos of the vast Ansell collection, many of these you will have surely seen before, but I think you can always find something new.

This one got a bit blurry, but that barbarian paint job is a thing of beauty.

This Spartan army is amazing in person.  We always see the fantasy minis, but the historicals are just as nice.

Everyone get's a bit shaky when photographing Slambo...you never know when he will frenzy

That's gonna hurt

While chatting with Marcus Ansell about the Foundry paint system, he asked if I had seen the tutorial minis.  I hadn't so he took me over to take a look.  He said these were done before photo shop.  So Kevin Dallimore had to paint all 20+ minis step by step.  Mind boggling, but gorgeous none the less.  Truly inspiring to look at.

The man himself chatting with Golgfag1
After that it was off to meet our friends from the Combat Burger chat at Warhammer World, we found those beardy dobies drinking in Bugman's Brewery.

After having a pint....or two with the lads we headed...stumbled, over to the museum.  Where many treasures awaited our eyes. 

So much more amazing in person.

Some chaos champions who have seen some heavy gaming.

Even though these are modern armies, the terrain and back drops are very inspiring!

The Studio Salamander army from one of my favorite battle reports.  Fight for the Tank Factory WD 248-249

Whiskey Priest and Axiom

Cheetor and Andy Hoare

Curis and Erasmus

Antipixi and Asslessman

Here we are in front of an M113....I mean a Rhino

Fresh fish for the Emperor

Then off to the pub...

Erny, Weazil, Me, and Bulldog
Event day!!!!!!

Oh ya it's Lit fam!
Saturday started off great with Whiskey Priest's Eternal Champion game. I will cover this later with a comic report.

Then probably the highlight of my trip....getting to meet the Stillmaniac himself...
Nigel Stillman. ;)

We got to chat about a variety of topics.

Busting out the White Dwarf Bretonnian army

You might recognize these from earlier Stillmania posts.

Look at the yacht varnish!

When you varnish your minis with boat lacquer you can store them like this.
I will cover our meet up in more detail in another post.

Whiskey Priest's Giant Slayer game was quite a delight. I'm not sure how long the overall winner survived, but me and Lopez lasted less then 5 minutes.  Even though it played fast, it was so action packed.  Slayers leaping to their deaths, Giants putting slayers in food bags for snacks.  It had it all.

Ultimate Slayer, and Banzai Slayer prepare to go down fighting.  And they did...without causing a single wound. LOL

Next up was meeting Kev Adams and getting my face sculpted onto a Heroquest barbarian.  Kev is such a great guy to chat with, and he does this all for charity at Boyl.

I think he got my likeness perfectly. ;)
The rest of the day Saturday was left visiting and checking out the other games....such as Curtis Fell's Race through Hells Reach

Erasmus Papafakis awesome vehicles
We did snap a pic with the attending Combat Burger's Crew

Watch out ladies...they let these sexy bastards out on the town!!!
Sunday started off with a "bring what you got" Rogue Trader game with the Combat Burger's and Scale Creepers filling out most of the gamers.  More in a later comic report.

Rick Priestley was in attendance, so I got my copy of 3 ed. and Bulldog got Rogue Trader autographed.

To finish off the event I got in a great game of Third with my man Weazil!  Yes this will get a comic report as well.

Watch out it's Kissy Snake!!!
Then it was off to London to see more sites.

Got some awesome Windsor Newton Brushes, and some milliput.
The first couple days we got to run around with Erasmus taking in museums, and the Orc's Nest.
Erasmus showing us how they cure baldness with magic Down Under.  LOL
Went out to Stonehenge to try and harness the power of the warp spasm. 

I am Egtved Man
Me an Bulldog doing other Bronze age task's...like eating wood.
Also met up with Mathew Street, who did a small piece for me and Bulldog each as a thank you for hauling some commissions to waiting Oldhammers in the states.

We had such an awesome time!  I had so much fun visiting with everyone in person.  Big shout out to Weazil for organizing everything, and the Ansell's for hosting such a great event.  It really leaves something to be desired for us here in the states.  Me and Bulldog are already planning to come back next year. 

If I left anyone out or got your handle wrong just let me know in the comments and I will get it sorted.  ;)

Stay tuned for more Boyl Comic Action over the next couple weeks. ;)


  1. I'd never realized the tutorials we're done that way. Thanks for the photos!

    1. Ya I was impressed with that. 20+ figures painting the same steps over and over.

  2. Great post Tom! Even though I was there it looks like I missed out on a few things....there's so much going on it's understandable :)

    Those painting steps are amazing, never knew they did that way. I thought they'd just take a snap shot at every step, time consuming huh.

    So boat varnish and placky boxes are the answer? I take that under advisement ;)

    Getting to know you guys, and your wives, over the few days in London was a cheery on top to a great week. I'm still searching for the cure to baldness on my phone too :P

    Next year hey? I'll hopefully be back in another two, 2019.

    Cool banana's mate :)

    1. Mr. Papafakis...thanks for the kind words. I am in the same boat. LOoking at all the other blog posts I missed out on a bit as well. I really wish I had got on that Hells Reach table.

      Thats what I figured to, and Marcus was like No he did each mini up to the correct step. Mind Boggling

      That is the only bullet point of Stillmania I haven't followed. LOL I can't bring my self to boat varnish my minis. Once my paint jobs start flecking maybe.

      I'm really glad we got to hang out in LOndon as well. Shaving your head is the right answer....Bulldog needs to get on board. LOL

      Planning on 2018...but if it doesnt happen 2019 for sure. Then we need to get down under and see you guys!!!!

      Looking forward to more of your posts, and see what else I missed out on LOL

  3. So gutted that I wasn't there this year, would have been great to have met you and been a part of the whole amazing experience. Looks to have been the best one yet...

    1. Well me and Bulldog are really planning on making it over next year. Talking with everyone this year did seem better to them, then last. I think this event can only keep getting better. Everyone was so great, and the games everyone put on were spectacular. Hopefully we can meet up, and I can get a game against your chaos in. ;)

  4. Looks like it was a legendary trip, dude! I can't wait to see the comic reports.

  5. Where to start? I'm jealous that I wasn't there, but happy for you guys. Those Foundry tutorial figures are amazing, that was a cool tidbit. Yacht/Spar Varnish you say? My minis looked like Nigel's after the last Oldhammer USA, minus the protective varnish coating. :p Shaved/ extreme buzz cut is the way to go. No need for styling products and has the added benefit that people can't throw you by your hair. I could go on and on. Great post! Oh and I think we just need to have some real talk about the future of Oldhammer in the New World. There are things that could be done to make it better.

    1. Don't worry we will make Monolith-con the event of the year. ;) Glad you liked the mini tutorials. I was glad Marcus's shared that little bit with me. He was really fun to visit with as well. He is very knowledgeable about all things Oldhammer, and I think he has a real eye for the business. Which hopefully leads to more released oldhammer minis. You got to get that yacht varnish on your minis stat LOL!!!! I agree with you there. I could grow mine out, but buzzed is the way to go. Hit me up on chat for New World stuff...always open to hearing your thoughts. ;)

  6. Oh man that report brought a smile to my face !

    1. Glad for it mec....loads more over the next few weeks. ;)

  7. Great stuff, thanks for sharing all the pics and words since not all of us can make it across the pond for this type of event.

    1. No problem at all Badaab. ;) Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. What a great trip! Very envious indeed. Somehow need to get the family to take a trip that happens to coincide with BOYL...

  9. I'm drooling over all the pics. So great!! Agh, so jealous! :D

  10. O . . .
    M . . .
    G . . . . . !

    Yeah, I need to do this. Also glad to see Kissy Snake made it. Did she get to interact with any of the Imperial Ponies hiding in the corners at WarPony World? Awesomeness! With paint! (And beer!!!)

  11. We're doing it again next year. Start shaving your balls now.

    1. All ready have...Rochie better get the ball rings ready. ;)

    2. Did I say I wanted to come to this thing? Maybe I should reconsider . . .

      Okay. Yeah. I want to come to this thing. You guys are sick.

      And awesome.

  12. Thanks for all the pics, so many classics in those shelves!

    Great post, you can smell your happiness all the way up in Canada! ;-)

    1. Thanks Iannick....but that just might be mine and Bulldog's airplane farts....LOL

  13. Sounds like the awesome culmination of long made plans. There is nothing more satisfying. I am jealous beyond words.

    1. Appreciate the comments Will ;)I would use the term inspired more then jealous....we all need to get inspired and do these wild things. So worth it.

  14. Frikken awesome report mate. So much cool stuff and sexi pics of amazing minis and tables. I spent at least 20 minutes over my break here at work drooling over them for which you are fully to blame.

    I'm hoping my visit home next Summer will coincide with next year's BOYL, Nottingham's only a couple hours from my Mum's place so there'd be no real excuse not to. Fingers crossed.

    1. Hahahaha Don't get the keyboard wet. ;)

      I really hope that works out as well. Me and Lopez are already planning on heading back next year!!! Hope to see you there.

  15. great stuff. looks like you had an excellent trip :)

  16. Truly amazing pics, ABG! Thanks so much for sharing all of this. It's nice to see so many Oldhammer bloggers hanging out and doing it right.

  17. Now that is what I call a report! Great to meet one of the 'original' oldhammerers at last, though you were far bigger than I was expecting! (;