Saturday, November 26, 2016

Full Tilt: Brutal Paint Job

You might remember I just painted a knight for Full Tilt named Pwnstar Panzerlance.  Well I figured it was time to get him a villain to joust against. 
 So get ready for everyone's new favorite guy to hate!  Brutal PaintJob!!!!
I don't know why the idea popped in my head, but I decided to try and make this guy look gaudy and terrible as possible.  So I went to the internet for inspiration and just typed in terrible warhammer paint job in google.  Looking through the images, and to be fair the actual posters did know they were posting terrible not trying to be mean here at all.  But anyway they were my inspiration.

Well lets get started!
Got the model put together.  Oh I also did some banners for Mad Mort's Militia

There's Ol' Brutal now to get him primed.

I was in a bit of hurry, so decided against spray paint.  Oh and I got a little help here as well.

Got these done while he dried. ;)
I started painting him, and he needed something moawr...Flock makes everything better!!!!

Base coats...YAY!!!

Starting to get things filled in

From the inspiration page I had to go for a Skeletor look

I also really liked the fiery Marauder Unicorn

I think they really clash...dont you?

Then finally the eyes! 

Oh look at the horror!!!!

Time to whip Pwnstar's butt!!!

Who will win the ladies favor?

Here he is in all is glory...Brutal PaintJob!!!  My new favorite villain!!!


  1. He definitely lives up to his name!ūüėĀ

  2. Very entertaining. But you should have chosen an ugly model for the brutal paintjob. Anything from the Age of Sigmar range would have fit perfectly ;)

    1. Thanks Anthony! I went with something on hand. He was thrown together from the bitz box.

  3. This is absolutely fantastic! It is the essence of "pro painted". Special shout out for the google eyes, you've captured it perfectly. What's particularly great about this is that we've all painted this way, all of us. Thanks for bringing back the memories. (shudder)

    1. Thanks Sean! I really channeled by 8 year old self for this one. Lol

  4. Never before have a paint job and the name of a miniature gone together so well.

  5. I love the flock mohawk more than life itself.

  6. Those eyes.... they follow!

    Gaudy - check
    Brutality - check
    Fun - check
    Pink - check

    All looks fine to me, move along.

  7. You lookin at me??? LOL this is the best thing I've seen all month...taking the pathetic aesthetic to a whole new level!!!! lol

  8. What the hell have I stumbled across? Flocking a model's head? Who are you people?

    1. Lol we are a rowdy bunch over here Allison. ;) I do hope you stick around!