Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oldhammer Weekend is fast approaching

We are three weeks out from Oldhammer weekend here in the good Ol' Red White and Blue.
If your like me you have all your figures painted and your packing list complete.  If your Like Bulldog Lopez you'll probably be painting figures the night before.

 If you have missed out so far on all the fanfare here is all the info.  You can also check out the official event page on Facebook.

Also if you haven't heard a man by the name of Mark Copplestone has graciously sculpted our event miniature named Psycho Sam.  So if you want Sam for yourself you better plan on coming as supplies are limited, so get him before he runs out.

Here are some special pre-event paint jobs to get your creative juices churning.

All the way from England the very excellent Weazil
and my own

So get your figures painted, make your trip plans.  If you need more info contact one of us in the Oldhammer U.S.A. group we will be happy to answer any questions or provide any additional info.

Hope to see all your shining faces in three weeks.