Sunday, June 23, 2024

Somewhere in Spain: The Fight for Salamanca

 El Zorro races towards Salamanca, a determined look in his eyes, unaware that French forces are already preparing to lay siege to the town. As the French come into view, it becomes clear that a clash of arms is inevitable.


El Zorro urges his infantry battalions towards the safety of Salamanca.




 While ordering his cavalry to delay the pursuing French Cavalry.


The French, with their Curassiers and Hussars, charge the Spanish cavalry. 


The Spanish appear on the verge of falling back when a resolute officer rallies them, leading a counter-charge that momentarily pushes the French back. 


However, the French regroup and launch a second charge, driving into the Spanish Lancers, who are hard-pressed and forced to retreat. 


Amidst the confusion, the Spanish Dragoons misinterpret their orders and advance, while the rest of their cavalry falls back.


As the Spanish consolidate a defensive line, the French maneuver forward. 

The French 64th Line advances to the outskirts of Salamanca and unleashes a deadly volley, felling several Spanish soldiers. 



The Spanish Lancers, threatening the 64th's flank, are met with a galling fire that drops many from their saddles.


 The French Curassiers charge again but are again repulsed by the Spanish Dragoons. 


On the opposite flank, the Spanish Lancers, outnumbered, charge into the 2nd Battalion of the French 64th, pushing them back. Regrouping, the French let loose a volley that forces the Lancers to retire from the field. 

The Spanish Dragoons force yet another French cavalry charge to falter.

The Spanish infantry on the right delivers a devastating volley into the French 64th, inflicting heavy casualties. 


Yet, they leave their flank exposed to a charge by the French Chasseurs, led by the ever dashing Marbot. 


With a sabre raised, Marbot slams into the Spanish line, driving them from the field and carrying on to reduce the next battalion.   

In a final desperate attempt, the Spanish cavalry charges the disordered French Cavalry but are devastatingly repulsed, forced to fall back towards the town. 


The French, having taken the field, recall their forces and prepare for a siege.

Both sides settle in for the impending siege of Salamanca, each side wary and preparing for the next engagement. 





Stay tuned for the Siege of Salamanca in our next installment of "Somewhere in Spain."


  1. You made my day with this one :D I love how the pics tell their own narrative, they are impressive!

    1. Thanks Suber. These games have been a joy to play, I’m glad others are enjoying them as much as we are. Sharing this whole project has been a treat!

  2. What rule set are you using? Looks great!

    1. This one we used a modified Brigade Fire and Fury

  3. This looks really cool. Your painting style really suits the Napoleonic uniforms.