Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Chaos Dragon Rider Showcase

The Dark Lord Commands...

Meldred's gift of subduing wild creatures was a harbinger of the chaos-infused destiny that awaited her. Even as a child, her connection with the dark forces of Chaos was evident. Her tale took a thrilling turn when her father received a particularly fierce chaos beast named Snarf. Towering over other creatures in the stables, Snarf's vicious temperament made it nearly impossible for anyone to ride him without facing the wrath of his untamed fury.

When Meldred's father, undeterred by the warnings of others, attempted to break Snarf and was met with a violent response, chaos ensued. Enraged, her father ordered Snarf's destruction, but Meldred, boldly stepped forward. She demanded the chance to tame the unruly creature, if successful, Snarf would become her loyal mount.

In a moment of arrogance, Meldred's father granted her request, dismissing any concern for her safety. With an icy gaze, Meldred approached Snarf, who, surprisingly, yielded to her authority. It was a display of dominion that sent shivers down the spines of those who witnessed it. From that day forward, Snarf became not just a tamed beast but Meldred's devoted companion.

As the duo traversed the realms, leaving chaos in their wake, they drew the attention of the dark gods. Pleased with their ruthless exploits, the gods granted them a gift of chaos, mutating Snarf from a beast into a monstrosity of mass destruction. Meldred, atop her blood-splattered mount, became a living maelstrom of mayhem.

Removing her helm after a victorious battle, she reveled in the shock on the fallen foe's faces as they beheld the face that sealed their fate. For Meldred, being the last thing they ever saw was a gratifying testament to her prowess in the name of Khorne. The blood-splattered duo became a living nightmare on the battlefield, a symbol of the dark powers that guided them towards a destiny steeped in chaos and eternal strife.


I'm especially proud of the banner!


I think the colors really tie well together.


Willow mentioned that the dragons should have the same ears as Snarf...it was to amazing not to do.  

So now snarf the manticore has been gifted with a mutation into a dragon.


  1. Awesome background story. I love that split red animal print yellow armour scheme. The bright green really sets it off nicely. Banners are great also. Great work dude.

  2. Fantastic work there and a great story.
    It would have been impossible to get her to clean her room after she got Snarffy.

  3. What a great build. Dual print armor, Snarf ears, clown face on the back... Holy Cow!