Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Heroquest Chaotic Tomb

Deep within the accursed lands, where shadows intertwine with malevolence, stands The Crimson Sepulcher—an ominous tomb veiled in an ethereal red hue. The air surrounding it is heavy with a sinister presence, as though the very essence of malevolence has seeped into the stone walls and now breathes as one with the darkness.

 The main chamber of The Crimson Sepulcher harbors an imposing sarcophagus, the lid of which is etched with arcane symbols that seem to writhe and pulse. Malevolent whispers echo within the chamber, as if the very walls are conspiring to sow seeds of darkness. It is said that an ancient and malefic power lies dormant within, awaiting the moment a foolish adventurer seeks to disturb its slumber.

Only the bravest and most cunning of heroes dare to challenge the malevolent forces that dwell within The Crimson Sepulcher. Will you be among them, facing the horrors that await in this painted red evil tomb, or succumb to the insidious darkness that lurks within its depths?


  1. I love this. I don't remember seeing that tomb painted anything other than grey before.

  2. damn that looks killer, that green glow takes it to a whole other level of evil.
    great job!

  3. Looking at this entirely anew in the red! So simple yet so effective!