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Redoubts Pursuit: The Race for La Hora

The Allies are pursued by The French In "Redoubt's Pursuit," the story unfolds,amidst the backdrop of the Peninsular War. French Officer Redoubt leads his elite Voltigeurs through rugged terrain, as the stakes soar to dizzying heights. Pursuing the cunning Wellington, Redoubt’s strategic brilliance is put to the test. The gripping tale captures each pulse-pounding moment.

"It was a near run thing!" Oman, Charles. "A History of the Peninsular War" Oxford University Press, 1930, pp. [relevant pages for the Battle of La Hora].

Wellington and the Portuguese allies are retreating from the Spanish Town of Los Balbas. The Spanish flush with the success of retrieving El Cid's body abandon their allies and head into the wind swept hills around Torquemada. The Spanish desertion casts a shadow over the allied forces as they race towards the safety of La Hora.
Amidst the chaos, the British take the road from Torquemeda while the Portuguese take Villahoz, their destinies intertwined yet distinct as they navigate the treacherous roads of war.
French forces under the command of General Girard march in relentless pursuit. The main brigade lead by Girard follows the British, with the Ney and Kellerman's Infantry, supported by La Salle's Dragoons and 13th Cuirassiers.
Lasalle and Marbot lead the smaller vanguard and harass the Portuguese with Redoubt's Voltigeurs.
The tension mounts with each passing moment.
The battle opens with La Salle's heavy Cavalry advancing to menace the British rearguard.
On the road from Villahoz the Portuguese Cavalry check Lannes vanguard. Captain Redoubt and the Voltigeurs unleash a devastating volley. Portuguese saddles emptied, their riders tumbling in disarray. In that moment, the course of the skirmish shifted.
The French vanguard surges forward and sends more volleys towards the new Portuguese rearguard of infantry and the 60th Rifles.
Wellington and the British give ground with discipline, not letting the Dragoons panic them. Against all odds, the allies stand firm with banners fluttering, their resolve unbroken even as the French onslaught threatens to overwhelm them.
The allies begin to link up North of La Hora as the French attempt to close the distance. The 95th Rifles are cutoff and take refuge around a windmill.
With shouts of vive la emperor Ney's 64th Line crash into the Light brigades Cacadores scattering them, Gen Hill tries to stem the tide ordering the 43rd to plug the gap as the 64th Line slams into them.

The 43rd disintegrates and the colours are captured. Wellington and Hill can see the panic starting to run through their troops and pray for a miracle!

Just then a gust of wind bursts through the valley as the sky turns black.

Just as victory seems within French grasp, the fickle hand of fate intervenes, unleashing a tempestuous squall that engulfs the battlefield.
In the midst of the torrential downpour, the allies seize the opportunity to regroup and rally, their spirits undimmed by the ferocity of the storm.

The French on the other hand are left reeling with the allied line stabilized, the chase is abandoned, the French resigned to the fact that the Allies will make it to La Hora.

As the dust settles and the echoes of battle fade, the future hangs in the balance, teetering on the brink of uncertainty.

With the Spanish desertion casting a pall over the alliance and the specter of El Cid's legacy looming large, Redoubt and his Voltigeurs brace themselves for the challenges that lie ahead.

Wellington falls back and sets up a defensive line from the villages of Amusquillo and San Bernardo. They will continue to make for the Duero River and then Salamanca to refit. The Portuguese could decide to make for Zamora and back across the border to Portugal. In the swirling maelstrom of war, only time will tell who will emerge victorious and who will falter in the face of adversity.
Will El Zorro be able to raise a guerilla army from the icons of El Cid? Will the Portuguese abandon the British as well? Find out next time in, Redoubt’s Enemy: Battle is met as the Allies converge under the brilliant Strategy of Wellington. In "Redoubt's Enemy," the Peninsular War rages on, and French Officer Redoubt faces a formidable adversary that threatens to unravel his strategic prowess. The narrative unfolds with tension, exploring the intricate dynamics of conflict, loyalty, and the relentless pursuit of victory. "Redoubt's Enemy" offers a compelling glimpse into the trials faced by Redoubt and his Voltigeurs as they confront an elusive and determined foe on the unpredictable landscape of war.


  1. Oh, well done Grove! Great battle report with some spectacular looking miniatures and some history inserted for spice. I love it! The storm was an especially nice touch. It's far too rare to see weather playing a roll in a tabletop wargame. Bravo!

    1. There were quite a few instances of tempests and cyclones just appearing on the battlefield all through the Peninsular war. Its very fascinating.

    2. It's happened in plenty of other wars, too. Even as recently as WWII when Typhoon Cobra beat the crap out of Halsey. And I believe it was a sandstorm that tanked the Iran hostage rescue op during the Carter administration, wasn't it? I love that you've included one in your game. I think we should do that more often as gamers generally. Especially in longer fantasy and what-if campaigns.

  2. Oh, I've enjoyed so much this one! The pics are awesome, very atmospherical, and the narrative is fantastic. I've been near that area a couple of times, I'll make sure I'll visit your battlefield next one! :D

  3. Absolutely brilliant mate! Well done--great story, miniatures, and the game seems like a blast.

    1. Thanks...we are all starting to get into the campaign narrative.