Saturday, September 23, 2023

The 2nd Battle of Arroyo Muerte (Report)

Gen. Girard has regrouped and gathered reinforcements to retake the village of Arroyo Muerte

The Spanish general and his battered command in need of refitting decided to retreat to a supportive village. The British general furious held a council with the Portuguese commander.

The allied light troops take up a forward defense across the creek while the main line forms in the main village.
 The French grenadier cannon scores a perfect hit on the Portuguese cannon destroying it.
Gen. Girard seeing the opportunity takes personal command of the assault brigade and leads it against the walls. 
Scaling ladders reach the rooftops as the French burst into the town.
 The Cacadores give ground grudgingly fighting house to house.
These elite troops fall back to the defensive line but their valor has pushed them beyond their limits.
Adding the losses of the the 3 Spanish battalions the British commander retreats under cover of darkness.
Gen. Girard sends out his light cavalry and voltigeurs to keep in contact as he prepares to follow…
Next time a clash of patrols!


  1. Absolutely awesome! The pics speak by themselves, lovely game you got there!

  2. Your brushwork is always wonderful. Bright, colorful, and very crisp. Earlier Black Vasken commentary aside, you do make me think the world needs more Napoleonic cartoons or comics. There's definitely some Marvel scaled personalities to write into such a thing. Keep it up
    Grove! Loving it. Good to see you gaming!

    1. I’ve been wanting to do a comic just haven’t found the time. If I get a break I might come back and comicfy these reports.

  3. Enjoying this campaign! Will the Brits hold out against this furious (But cautious) French assault?

    1. Glad you are following along Dai! Vive Le’emperor

  4. Awesome and Visually stunning, as always! What rules were you using?