Thursday, September 1, 2022

Army Banner Top

I decided to switch my Army Banner top you can see the two previous ideas here but neither fit the army.  I decided to just match the gauntlet tops but paint it up a little fancier then the rest.  I think it fits much better now.


  1. The banner top looks very effective, is that from the ones you got cast up ?

    1. Yes its from the batch I had cast up. I really wanted to have a unique eyecatching top for this one. But it actually detracted from the cohesion of the army when it was out on the tabletop. In the end matching the other banners looked better.

  2. Nice work getting the fist up there.

  3. Haha, it looks ace! It's funny, but such a tiny detail gives the whole mini a lot of presence :)

  4. Totally agree Suber…it just takes a couple tries to get it right sometimes.

  5. Sometimes it's the little things that make you smile. Looks fantastic!